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CANN Comply is a full service commercial real estate company. We specialize in 420 CRE and help property and business owners navigate complex compliance processes.

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Our Company

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, CANN Comply is a full service 420 cannabis commercial real estate company. We provide risk assessment, investment sales and leasing, landlord and tenant representation, property location and acquisition, and property management services.

CANN Comply specializes in risk assessment as it relates to property owners who are leasing to cannabis companies. We assist with the navigation through the complex compliance process along with changing city and county regulations; thereby protecting property owner’s most valuable assets. Learn more about our cannabis commercial real estate risk assessment here.

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Why us?

California is a dual agency state, which means a violation of compliance at the city or county level carries a penalty at the state as well. Qualified 420 commercial real estate and risk assessment experts are needed in order to find solutions to these complex problems.

CANN Comply uses third party software coupled with extensive industry knowledge to help owners make the right choices.

Understanding the complexity of the cannabis industry, and knowing how to navigate it, is what sets our company apart from the rest.

Our team has helped countless clients get the results that they need. We work diligently and know where to look for the details that only seasoned professionals can find.

CANN Comply gets deals done, period. 420 Commercial Real Estate requires a level of sophistication above the rest, our company carries this and produces results for our clients.


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